Brock AistonHello and welcome to Tooradin Flying School! This blog is about everything business related including how to build a business, business tips and tricks, services and software to help you along the way and case studies of local business owners and what they did to achieve their goals.

My name is Brock Aiston, and I’m a young gun who has been looking forward to starting this blog for a long time. My hope is to bring you motivation and help you achieve your goals by following in the steps of others. Someone wiser than me once said, “If you want to know the way, ask someone who is returning from that destination.” I took that to hard and now pursue exactly that. To help me, and hopefully help you too, I will be covering what I learn and sharing those stories here on the blog.

I have been studying economics and business studies for most of my young adult life and look forward to helping people well into the future!

Thanks for reading this little “about me” section, for more tips, tricks, and wins. Check out the blogs on the home page.